Lilla Lilla

“Lilla Lilla” new artist composer from Brooklyn, New York, bringing her artistry On Line, to the instrumental sounds that will harmonize and captivate you. You can hear it on iTunes today. Her “Fan” base is growing rapidly, and its worldwide.

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Zilla Montoute, resident of Brooklyn New York, and new artist with own original compositions. Turn On Hear It play on iTunes, and on BandCamp. and on Jango Internet Radio. " Love is a Sexy, Sexy Place," and "Love Put Some Danger In Me." two pieces on track. My dream is to have more music recorded and published. Digital Download is it, at present. Although, the music business seem to be unsettling, I am determine to find the key to my dream, which is composing and publishing. I need your help, I must outsource this music to be on Instruments. My thanks to you.
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