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Zilla’s Notes

This is not all about me, its also about those who helped me to get to a place in life not yet quite successful but I am heading fully confident with rapid speed. As is said, no man is an Island and frankly speaking, without the help of a few capable individuals, the music would still be in its infancy. I do not play any instruments, but found a way to outsource my compositions to a dedicated musician that became my friend, who takes the sound of my notes when I give a recording to him and he set these notes to a Lead Sheet and instruments. This relationship is now close to twenty years and he would always say to me, Zilla I know you’ve got something here and in our telephone conversations I would simply say, I hope so and those special words and thoughts has encouraged me all the way leading up to this point. We continued with compositions one after another took long breaks, then we found each other again. One day I decided to call a Music Company here in New York City, just to ask this question “From whom or from where do you collect your music?”

Some One Listened
The conversation continued and I explained further, that I knew nothing about the Music Business, but I am interested in getting my foot in the door. These few sentences in conversation got me to the main person in that company and hear this, one who is responsible for the arrangement of music spoke with me. Talk about making the right call at the right time and I was asked to send two pieces, I didn’t walk I ran, in other words I just didn’t send it I took it in personally. In three days I got a call that alerted me, they liked one and you will agree one out of two isn’t so bad. Hello! “Love Put Some Danger In Me” was created on instruments, composition from the piano to orchestra band. The first time I heard it play, it was fascination I know and the next thing I did was, to get it registered with ASCAP. The music sometimes referred to as Elevator music, no doubt you may have listened to this easy sound of music playing but it was not yet known.

Fan Over Lap Report
Get this, something is happening on my Fan Overlap report, at Jango, Internet Radio, it concerns the methodology and it goes something like this, first the listeners that actually liked my music and become Fans, they have a profile, likewise some regular listeners, some have a profile too and just because you like the station music promoters observe and they know quite a lot about your taste in music and I was able to see the gender and age demographics of people that listen to this new artist music. They can tell from records the artist they follow and its fascinating to know nearly all top artist today are mentioned there on my Fan Over Lap Report Page. What are they saying? I think I know, this music has a fat chance to get the hits that will take it to the top in a timely period. Now you can turn on and here it play see what I am talking about.
“Love Is A Sexy Sexy Place”
“Love Put Some Danger In Me”


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