Turn On Hear It Play – Love Is A Sexy-Sexy Place

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Do You like Music, Do You like listening to cool instrumentals?

This Jazzy Pop Rock is fit and easy ready for your listening pleasure, with more and more fans from around the world tuning in.

Fans have already discovered this amazing tempo and the feeling is genuine, and yes! they express it as their ah-ha moment. It is important to present myself as a new artist with pleasing artistry, sincerely appealing to music lovers everywhere.

Recently, I peeked at my Fans report they seem to be rapping to the beat and yes they discovered some Sexy feelings, to this simple original music that Pops, and clicks, to the tune of …..

“Love Is A Sexy-Sexy Place,”

On Jango Internet Air Play Radio the music plays. Jango’s promise offers me their method of streaming music around the world and they continue to do that.

The best opportunity to connect fully is through Media. I am eager to give you more, so much more original music for your best enjoyment and I will simply add you to my list of “Fans.” If you have already, Turn On, To Hear It Play. “Love is a Sexy Sexy Place.”

The day is cold, outside looks grey, feeling Sexy! get comfortable and hang out in a quiet place turn up the music and let its rhythm vibrate and let your Actions speak louder than words. This music will take you to places you once were, you tried to remain but you can’t and its hard to explain because its all wrapped up with feelings.

Listen to the guitar play like a horn, with piano notes and every other delicate instrument that harmonizes each other, get into it, and let the rhythm and rapture transport you into a music magic. Music is the voice of life, as Eros is the essence of Love.

We hum, we follow a tune, we sing and dance. You might be surprised to learn that each note of the musical scale responds to a color that creates a rainbow so beautiful you’d be amaze if you were able to see it. Vocal Chords must be the place where music stays or in other words the house of music in us. We are wonderfully and marvelously made.

“Love Is A Sexy-Sexy Place” Take Action Now and ….
GET…. a second tune “Love Put Some danger In Me”….for pennies more.

I feel This can be the beginning of a great friendship.


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Love Put, Danger In Me, Love put some danger,

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Lilla Lilla

“Lilla Lilla” new artist composer from Brooklyn, New York, bringing her artistry On Line, to the instrumental sounds that will harmonize and captivate you. You can hear it on iTunes today. Her “Fan” base is growing rapidly, and its worldwide.

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